Are you ready for tax season? Tips to save money and avoid penalties.

Tax season is already here, and it’s important that you are prepared to file your tax return correctly and on time. If you live or work in Reno, Nevada, there are some things you should know about the tax laws and requirements of this state. In this article, we will give you some tips so you can save money and avoid penalties when doing your taxes.

Who has to file a tax return? 

In general, if you receive income from any source, whether it’s from employment, a business, a shared economy, or any other activity, you have to file a tax return with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and the state of Nevada. The minimum income threshold for filing a return depends on your age, marital status, and type of income. You can check the income thresholds for the year 2023 here.

What types of taxes do you have to pay?

The state of Nevada does not have a state income tax, which means you only have to pay federal income tax. However, other types of taxes may apply to your situation, such as sales tax, property tax, gaming tax, and payroll tax. These taxes vary by county, city, and the type of activity you engage in.

How can you avoid penalties when doing your taxes? 

Another way to save money when doing your taxes is to avoid fines or penalties for filing your return late, paying less than you owe, or making errors in your return. To avoid these fines, we advise you to file your return and pay your debt on time, accurately calculate your debt, and keep a record of your income and expenses.

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